“I found God in myself. And I loved her. I loved her fiercely”
~Ntozake Shang

For the woman who is deeply called to explore her inner Priestess so she can wield her intuitive power and create a life with passion and purpose. Experience a fierce sisterhood and extraordinary mentorship so you can finally bring forth your Soul’s work!

Many people today talk about intuition. We all have intuition. We are all born with it but few people know how to wield the power of their intuition. Imagine always knowing the exact steps you need to take to create your best life. Intuition can be that powerful.

    For the past 15 years I have used my intuition:
    • To assist clients in making the best choices in their lives.
    • Leave a job before I became gravely ill.
    • Save my life during a recent car crash.
    • Choose the surgeon that kept my uterus intact.
    • Know the right romantic partners to choose.
    • Be guided to follow my calling so true abundance could begin.

Your intuition is that important. Without a connection to your intuition you can feel like you are battered around in the world. Confused as to what steps to take next and wind up spinning your wheels for years…

What would it be like if at every moment you had a voice guiding you telling you exactly what you need to do to live your powerful purpose?

If this piques your interest and you want to know more, read on…

If you’ve been a spiritual seeker of all trades who wants to now develop laser focus and step into mastery of her gifts.

If you are an intuitive healer or entrepreneur and have been questioning how to make this a successful vocation in today’s world.

If you’ve had to be a warrior to attain your professional success
but ache for something more…

If you’ve run from your powerful intuitive self because frankly,
shining your light scares you.

This 9 month mastery journey is about delving deeply into your powerful intuition, unleashing your healing abilities and breaking free from anything that limits you from being the powerful healer that you are. It’s the journey that leads you to finally embracing the success that comes from an intuitively led life!

You’re here on this page for a reason. You can feel that the world is in an immense state of transition and you feel called to help.

As leaders, healers and intuitives, we often feel we are different and that we have to go at it alone…but the most powerful growth happens when we are in a sisterhood that encourages us to embrace our own intuitive power. Where we can finally own our gifts and release fear about bringing them forth into the world.

Are you ready to become an Urban Priestess?

    Are you ready to?
  • Be in the world but not of it. Rock your manolos AND your intuition.
  • Learn and employ powerful yet forgotten ancient practices in modern ways.
  • Heal the belief that sensuality and sexuality are at odds with the spiritual life.
  • Get to know the different archetypes within you, so you can embody them to attain what you desire.
  • Answer the deep call to serve the world.
  • Step into your leadership as a true creative visionary.
  • See beyond the world that meets the eye.
  • Feel a connection to the Universe.

a modern day mystery school

I’ve always dreamed of a modern day mystery school that would honor my inquisitive mind, my feminine body and my healing Spirit…in this mystery school one would learn ancient techniques for modern day application and success.

the dream is here

I believe that as women, we have a deep well of intuition that most of us do not access on a daily basis. Throughout history intuition I understand because intuition has been seen as hocus-pocus and mislabeled as dangerous. This can leave us afraid to tap into the most powerful intuitive guidance that we possess. It can prevent us from getting the answers to questions that come up as part of life. However, I believe that if we step into a sacred community a devoted sistehood that will support us we will be able to release our fears and step into the world in a bigger way.

Like many of us, I have been intuitive and empathic since birth. As a teen, my abilities overwhelmed me. I studied the arts, healing techniques and initiated into a way of the Goddess and studied world religions. I have kept myself on the down-low. Supported others. Mentored. Participated in research, retreats and intense private study and ritual. I hid from taking on my Calling FULL ON as I served wherever I was…

I realized over time, that this playing small was not serving me. Holding on to old religious paradigms of self-sacrifice and martyrdom…was basically sapping me of the energy and passion that I’d rather give to creating change and healing in the world.

I made a decision. I did the work. I created sisterhood. I joined sacred communities. I learned from marketing mavens and indigenous elders.

Eventually… I SURRENDERED.

To who I REALLY am.
To what I really LOVE.
To what the Universe made ME for…

I know, in my bones, that when we connect with out intuition, we are connecting to ALL THAT IS, to God, Goddess and Great Creator. I also know that when I owned my gifts and starting stepping up…my life changed completely.

I am now flowing in my health, relationships, finances and work.

I have the deep satisfaction of just showing up and being my FULL self…and its exactly what’s called for. I trust that I am at the right place, at the right time.

While living from an intuition-driven place will prepare you, cradle you and allow you to flow and THRIVE in the midst of change so you can help others to do the same.

There is no other program like this on earth. Never before has there been a school that merges ancient practices with modern wisdom so you can master your intuitive abilities and became the powerful change-maker that you are.

With my intuitive abilities to reflect your creative power right back to you.
A fierce sisterhood behind you and the wisdom of guest teachers from some of the most powerful practices of the earth…think of how you would be in your relationships, career, love life, financially. With your intuition there is nothing you cannot achieve!

So it is, Blessed be, Ashe, Aho, Amen,

Embrace yourself fully

Release what doesn’t serve you

Find true passion & purpose in your work

Create from an aware and intuitive place

What’s included:

This private session that includes a powerful intuitive session will connect you to your Soul Purpose and help guide you on your journey!

We’ll spend a day together (either in person or via Skype) going deep into your heart, we will explore your deepest calling and mission. We will explore limiting beliefs and release them. We will create a plan to manifest your Soul Work into being during the next 9 months and beyond.

Bring mind, body and spirit. Bring your fairy dust, your crystals, your Buddhist beads…bring nothing…and EVERYTHING. Bring YOU.

Leave with greater clarity and wings prepared for flight!

You’ll have dedicated 45 min call with me every month to set life-changing goals, tap into your intuition and mine, work through limiting beliefs, break through fears and stay focused and accountable to your purpose and vision. Each session will be an opportunity for growth and support. Clarity. Focus. Passion.

You’ll have several group calls per month with our mentors, elders and wise women. We will explore the art of manifesting, marketing without losing our Soul, sensuality, love and relationships, world religions, soul-centered business, practical applications of ancient wisdom as well as keeping that physical temple healthy to support the great work you are doing and the beautiful life you are manifesting!

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”
~Lewis B. Smedes

Every client I ever worked with benefited from doing deep forgiveness and release in a transformative hypnosis session. Break through fears, anxieties and old “stories” that no longer serve your most amazing vision of yourself and your life! Retrieve the energy and passion you may have left along the way.

Gather your energy, power and deep passion for your best life: now.

A past life regression is a way to tap into the subconscious mind in order to retrieve memories of past lives. One of the most common ways this is done is with a hypnotherapist/hypnotist through use of hypnosis. It is believed current day phobias, fears, likes/dislikes, talents and relationships may have a past life foundation.

I am including this in the program because in my 16 years working with women who are ready to SHINE and step up, there are often memories, soul agreements and vows that were taken in other lives surrounding the fear of leadership, healing, spirituality. Psychic ability, religion, intimacy and sexuality.

Let’s unearth hidden talents to support you NOW
Release ancient vows or fears that no longer serve you!

This course contains some of the most important wisdom I’ve gathered over years of studying intuition, the healing arts, spiritual practice and personal growth. You will receive this course and we will answer questions that may arise from this material.

April 26-28

We will gather in a lovely NYC location to explore, mastermind, play and uncover our intuitive senses. We will hone and explore our intuitive abilities and walk away with a deep understanding on how to use it all the time, anywhere. We will meet with experts in numerology, astrology, African spirituality, ritual, sensuality and set intentions that will carry us deeper into our path. We will get real. We will laugh, challenge, dance and journey to the drums as sisters. We will answer the call!

JUNE 6 – 9
(camp located in the foothills of the majestic Pocono Mountains)

We will gather in NYC and travel to the location together. Arriving at this Women’s Spirituality festival…is like stepping into another world.

The natural, rustic atmosphere with lush hills and a lake is a perfect setting for the magic that will unfold as we delve deeper. There is a sacred fire that burns throughout the weekend. Under the moon we will experience ritual with over a hundred women. We will room together and gather twice during the weekend to share our insights, experiences and give each other support. We can chose to experience the Lakota Inipi Sweatlodge Cleansing ceremony together with the amazing Beverly Little Thunder and her daughter, Lushanya Echevarria , who are wise-women and water-pourers. The RED tent beckons as do evening drum circles. Yoga, dance, arts, meditation, healing and many classes to choose from. Get ready to be in community like never before!

There is also plenty of time to write by the lake.
Sleep in a hammock or dream by the fire…

Food, lodgings and all classes/workshops are included.


We will gather in a beautiful location near the ocean. We will meet with successful holistic entrepreneurs and experts in various fields. We will connect with our totem animal guides, journey for answers and make transformational leaps into bringing our dream project, business or creation into being. We will explore how to create a soul-centered business and marketing that doesn’t drain our spirit. We will share our successes, our discoveries and explore local beliefs and practices. We will also travel to the beach together for a unique and unforgettable ceremony.

These retreats are transformative, powerful and game-changing.

Together, we will get clear, brave and hone our spiritual and strategic abilities to bring us closer to the life we desire. There will be surprises, gifts and blessings that will have blown wide open and even more ready than you’ve ever been!

From sweatlodge to hot seats, bellydance to releasing spiritual attachments. We will learn various techniques, create a solid foundation so that it can serve your life, business and calling!

* For the Deepening in the Temple (NJ/PA), we will be responsible for transportation from NYC to location. We will be experiencing a women’s spirituality conference located in the Pocono Mts. We will lodge together and gather as a group together to share about our explorations and experiences. Lodgings, all classes & food ARE included.

* For the Answering the Call (NYC) & Returning+ Initiation Retreat (Miami), food and accommodations not included.

* Transportation not included for retreats.

Mentors & Wise Women

Over 25 mentors and wise women to share expertise and guide you in developing yours!

    Learn from elders, wise women and change-makers that are bringing their Soul into everything they do…from health and wellness, marketing, African spirituality, Celtic practices, feminine leadership, shamanism, sensuality, love relationships, astrology to counseling and business planning.

Meggan Watterson
Lisa Fabrega
Nisha Moodley
Latham Thomas

Ariana Hall
Alisa Starkweather
Rha Goddess
Jenna La Flamme

Joanna Lindenbaum
Elayne Doughty
Dawn Copeland
Amy Jo Goddard

DeShannon Bowens
Jennifer Raciopes
Elizabeth Locey
Lushanya Echevarria

Lourds Lane
Isis Phoenix
Tracy Hamilton
Tisha Linn

Sarupa Shah
Dr. Tonya Freeman
Elizabeth Nahum
Nathalie Berthold

Jeanie V.
Gina Schatz
Beverly Little Thunder
Leslie Stein

Maureen Dodd

See the Mentors & Wise Women page for bios & details.

Each month, we’ll gather for a Mastery community call, for group learning and Q&A. Mentors & Wise Women will inspire, challenge, empower and expand your ability to master your intuitive skills!

You’ll become part of our private online community, . Not only will you have access to the entire community at large, there will also be a forum exclusively for the Urban Priestess Mastery.

Sacred {cyber} space to commune with Vanessa and the other participants. Share insights and goals; ask for support, ask questions, support your sisters.

I love tools for growth and exploring possibilities: I will be sharing some of my fav books and other goodies!

Much love,

If you’re curious about joining, start by filling out the simple form on APPLY. By setting an appointment and chatting with me you are under no obligation to join the Urban Priestess Mastery; we are simply exploring possibilities!